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Testicular Tumour

August 14, 2019 @ 6:06 PM
posted by Dr.Nadesh

A 2 year old boy presented with a hard mass in the left hemi-scrotum. The mass had been noticed by his parents almost 3 months ago, and appeared to be progressively increasing in size.

Physical examination revealed a left Testicular tumour with no regional lymphadenopathy or coexisting abdominal masses.

Clinically his lungs were clear.

His AFP was markedly raised signifying that this was a Yolk Sac Tumour of the testis.

CT scans of his abdomen and Chest revealed no spread and this was therefore a Stage One Tumour of his Left Testis.

He underwent a successful High Orchidectomy and his AFP has since returned to normal.

He shall remain on follow up with 6 monthly to annual AFP evaluation.