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Left Lower Ureteric calculus ( stone)

January 18, 2018 @ 11:48 AM
posted by Dr.Nadesh

A 23  month old girl presented with lower abdominal pain and low grade temperature. She had microscopic haematuria and an Xray KUB revealed a left sided lower ureteric calculus

Given the small size of the ureters in children I initially stented the left ureter with a DJ stent in order  to allow considerable dilation of the ureter, so it would permit subsequent minimally invasive blasting of the large stone.

A week following the stenting procedure, the child was brought back for a Laser Lithotripsy and the stone was completely crushed with no problems using the Holmium laser fibre via a 6.5F Ureteroscope. The child was then discharged with a stent in place, with subsequent removal of this stent two weeks following her surgery for the stone blasting.