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If you have already scheduled a surgery, please read about preparing for a surgery.

The following is a list of common paediatric treatments and surgical procedures performed. Please contact Dr.Nadesh if you would like to discuss a problem that may not be listed.

Modern technique


  1. Inguinal
  2. Umblical

Hydrocoeles and varicocoele (Laparoscopic management)

Testicular problems

  1. Problems with testicular descent- undescended testis, or absent testis (Laparoscopically managed)
  2. Testicular Torsion
  3. Investigation of scrotal and testicular pain

Complete investigation and management of constipation

Abdominal pain
Thorough investigation and complete management including diagnostic laparoscopy

Investigation, diagnosis and Laparoscopic Appendicectomy

Bleeding from the gastro intestinal tract
Thorough investigation and fibre optic endoscopy and diagnosis

Various lumps and swellings that require surgery

Urinary Tract Infection- Detailed investigation and management

Urinary incontinence and bed wetting

Detailed examination, investigation and complete management

Hypospadias reconstruction
Complete reconstruction of this severe defect

Treatment of all forms of congenital problems of the gut

  1. Hirschsprung’s disease of the colon
  2. Ano- Rectal Malformations
  3. Atresia of the intestine
  4. Management of Necrotizing Entero Colitis

Treatment of various renal tract abnormalities

  1. Kidney obstruction
  2. Vesico-Ureteric Reflux management and surgery
  3. Ureteric abnormalities
  4. Urachal abnormalities
  5. Bladder abnormalities

Laparoscopic surgery in childhood
Many conditions are treated laparoscopically with good outcomes, minimum pain and excellent cosmetic results without the need for large incisions.

Tumour surgery

  1. Tumour biopsies, also done laparoscopically if needed
  2. Insertion of chemo port and central lines for chemotherapy
  3. Neuroblastoma Surgery
  4. Wilm’s Tumour Surgery
  5. LIver Tumour resections
  6. Lymphoma and non Hodgkins Lymphoma surgery

Trauma Surgery

  1. Management of Scalds and Burns
  2. Management of blunt and perforating injuries to chest and abdomen
  3. Management of mild head injuries
  4. Management of laceration wounds